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Where there is love there is life.
--Mahatma Ghandi

Camping Tips

We were caught without warm enough blankets for our girls on an August night that dipped into the 40's. Had to run to Walmart for new mummy bags. They're in recovery mode here after freezing their bums off so badly they couldn't sleep. 

Don't forget essentials!
Download my tried-and-true                          suitable for family tent camping. This is tailored for our family, but this give you room to tinker. 

I borrowed heavily from Greg the Park Ranger on www.campsitephotos.com. I love his blog, he's educational and irreverent and can tell me which campsites are going to be quietest :). Two of the most useful pages are camping tips and planning how-to but if you like outdoor photography, he has he has lots of common-sense tips. 
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Mummy bags save the night.
Played GUBS lately? Addictive, if you understand it. I don't, so we bring Yahtzee and playing cards. We also have a game Spot-It that I understand, but can't win. Even to Ava, who loves the game. 
My tent, my popcorn, my mattress, and I.
No needless suffering. Book shelf to right.
If you need coffee in the morning, you'll be anxious until you figure out a solution. Our French press lasted a week. This is sturdier, a propane-fueled drip pot. HOT coffee, even when on warm.